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Resisting & Hoping

We call out to you, “Be the God we dream!” You respond by being the God you are. We discuss you and define you and expect of you. But you unravel our expectations and definitions. We seek to limit and

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Living Our Lives

We leave now to live our lives. We will grow old, we will raise families, we will love neighbor and family. We will get on with living our lives, mindful of the dreams God has for humanity. Whether we are

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Getting on With Life While in Exile

To my people in exile, wrote the prophet, Jeremiah. To you who have put your lives on hold while in Babylon, he added. Build homes. Get married. Have children and watch them grow up and marry. Get on with your

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Reignite Your Image in Us

Injustice. Darkness. Illness. Darkness. Hopelessness and temptations. Darkness. Worry and anxiety. Darkness. Evil in many forms pervades our world. Darkness disorients. We light a bulb and it sizzles and fades out. The light of hope is shattered into many pieces.

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Where is the love?

When our neighbors live on the street wandering from place to place… where is the love? When powerful men use their power for sexual favors… where is the love? When our neighbors turn to narcotics because life holds so little

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Love Whole-Heartedly

Benediction Love wholeheartedly. Live as you were created. Be God’s people in our fragmented world. Amen.

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Of Course

We gather because we are more than individuals. We are connected at the cellular level. We are one people, one species, one planet, one living organism learning and being together. So, of course, we gather together. It is in our

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