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Refreshing Waters

*Call to Worship Come, children, refresh yourselves within ever flowing waters. We come to be renewed. Listen, interact, be one with each other and with the Creating One. Praise, sing, smile, and cry in this hour. We come to be

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Me! Me! Me!

“Me! Me! Me!” James & John wanted Jesus to do for them what they asked. “Me! Me! Me!” Like James & John we often want without knowing the consequences. “Me! Me! Me!” We want to sit on the lefthand side

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Motivate Us

Looking at the rainbow she lamented, “We could use a new covenant along about now…” We live in hard times. We seem intent on tearing one another down. We yearn for God to fix what ails us. What kind of

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Be Still

We are made for more. More than work, worry, & doing. We are made for the Sabbath. To be present with the divine spirit of hope, truth, & love. Just as the creating One rested, we too rest. We too

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Of One Plant

Emerging from the deep rich soil, humanity reaches toward the sky. Planted in the earth, we reach upward toward the One, who creates us in their image. Rain and sunshine, nourish us on our journey. Growing as one vine, we

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A Voice Is Heard in America

A Time of Lament  A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and wailing. It’s Rachel crying for her children; she refuses to be consoled, because her children are no more. (Jeremiah 31:15 CEB) A voice is heard in America, weeping and

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Darkness. Light.

Injustice. Darkness. Illness. Darkness. Hopelessness and temptations. Darkness. Worry and anxiety. Darkness. Evil in many forms pervades our world. Darkness disorients. We light a bulb and it sizzles and fades out. The light of hope is shattered into many pieces.

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