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Whatever Our Shape, Abilities, or Struggles

We are created by God! We gather assured of God’s love and dream for humanity. We are created in God’s image. We gather assured that whatever our shape, our abilities, or our struggles, we reflect the image of God. Our

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Living Water

Turn the tap and water comes out. Clean, refreshing water quenches our thirst. Stop at the market, twist open the cap. Spring water crosses our lips and our craving is satisfied. Step outdoors. Look up. The clouds dampen our faces

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So It Is

It had been a long day. The heat. The crowds. The life as it is expected. He sensed something new with this man. A breath, a wind swirled and blew. They met as the noise of the day faded. A

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The Righteous Anger of a Prophet

The world is not what we think it should be. It fails to meet our hopes and dreams. Some weeks we’re depressed. We ache at the hurt, the deep emotional and physical pain we inflict upon one another. It’s hard

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An Angry Savior

From your lives of challenge, of hard work, of weariness, and loneliness, come and worship. In tough times and times of joy, it “is zeal for your house that has consumed me…” (Psalm 69:9a CEB) From lives of righteous anger,

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“Come & See”

John points to Jesus. And two follow. Jesus called to Philip. And Philip found Nathanael. Beckoning spirit, we crave you. We ache for connections and peace and wholeness.  All around us we see hatred, brinkmanship, and suffering neighbors. Why? How

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Imagine a Savior

We waited. And imagined a savior.  We imagined power. One like the world but stronger and on our side.  We imagined a king on a white horse wielding a sword. We got a baby born in a stable among the

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