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Listen! Do You Perceive It?

Listen! Do you perceive it? That’s God calling to us. Let us choose to respond together in true community. We are just ordinary people filled with flaws and imperfections. Yet we are God’s chosen instruments.  In worship and our actions,

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Journey to Damascus

Wherever we are in along the road… God sojourns alongside us. In our confusion and our distress, in our joy and excitement… God feels our emotions with us. In our fragmented world, so desperately in need of hope and healing…

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Palms to Crucifixion

Call to Worship responsive In the beginning, God took dust of the earth, and breathed us to life. Repeatedly, God called to our ancestors, “Return to my ways.” Confident in us, God adapted and created, new ways to reach us.

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Leave & Turn

Leave your homes. Leave your worries. Let go of blame and hostility. Set them down, & focus on the Source of all love & justice. We turn in this hour to the Source of life, the essence of our existence.

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Worship in Earnestness & Humility

Come. Worship in earnestness. Worship with humility and commitment to grow, to be transformed, to become the people God creates you to be. We gather as your people united in our desire to become all that you dream. Amen.

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But Jesus Offers a Different Way

Frightened and worried about loss of power, comfort, and the known, leaders in Jerusalem and Rome put Jesus on trial. When the world became scared, it lashed out against Jesus. In our journey to Jerusalem, changes and the unknown can

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Who are you?

“Who are you?”, they asked Jesus. “I Am,” he replied. They followed Jesus. Peter and the others journeyed with him from place to place. You will deny me before the cock crows. “Never,” replied Simon Peter. They came for Jesus.

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