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Despite Rain & Risk

Faithful, Mordecai reveals his trust in God. Rain continues falling, thunder threatens. Falling into despair he dons the sackcloth of grief. Thunderous evil persists, death will surely follow. Esther’s life at risk, she chooses the most loving action in “just

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Embracing the Divine Within

*Call to Worship  & Invocation                                                       Her place was tenuous. She lacked power. Or,

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Invocation – In This Very Room

Prayer of Invocation Holy One, make your presence known in this room. Move about the pews, between each of us, pausing in the heart of each of us. Remind us that all of us here and beyond are your beloved,

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The River of Life

Prayer of Invocation  Your divine breath swept across the waters, giving life to fish & child. You rode the waves with Moses, moving a sister to speak up, reuniting mother and infant. You revealed your pleasure in Jesus, as the

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An Advent Invocation & Response

Invocation Scripture & Response Luke 1:1-4 CEB Many people have already applied themselves to the task of compiling an account of the events that have been fulfilled among us. They used what the original eyewitnesses and servants of the word

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Here, Gathered

Holy One, We are here, gathered. We now turn our hearts & minds toward you in this place. We turn toward you who abides with us in every place, We turn toward you, the divine one, who never abandons.  In

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Gathering & Clinging

Invocation Creating Spirit, We gather among friends, seeking your love, wisdom, & guidance. We squeeze into this small space,     to be with others who seek you. Though we know you are always present here, on that hill faraway,

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