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Of One Plant

Emerging from the deep rich soil, humanity reaches toward the sky. Planted in the earth, we reach upward toward the One, who creates us in their image. Rain and sunshine, nourish us on our journey. Growing as one vine, we

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Miraculous & Mysterious Things

The stone was rolled away. Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned and said to him in Aramaic, Rabbouni” (which means Teacher). (John 20:16 CEB) Mary was in the presence of the transforming Jesus. Mary Magdalene left and announced to

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Palm/Passion Sunday Liturgy (Journey)

Prelude Welcome Invocation responsive In this very room, we feel your divine breath that blew across the waters. You move in and out of our lungs. You seek to touch our hearts and minds, awaiting our response to your boundless

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Palms to Crucifixion

Call to Worship responsive In the beginning, God took dust of the earth, and breathed us to life. Repeatedly, God called to our ancestors, “Return to my ways.” Confident in us, God adapted and created, new ways to reach us.

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Confession of the Sin of Blaming Pilate, Temple Leaders, & Everyone Else

*Confession of Sins & Assurance of Grace We fear new ways. We fear giving up the status quo. And Pilate has Jesus whipped.  Open our eyes, Lord. Open our eyes, Lord. We think we know best. We reinterpret what your

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Worship in Earnestness & Humility

Come. Worship in earnestness. Worship with humility and commitment to grow, to be transformed, to become the people God creates you to be. We gather as your people united in our desire to become all that you dream. Amen.

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But Jesus Offers a Different Way

Frightened and worried about loss of power, comfort, and the known, leaders in Jerusalem and Rome put Jesus on trial. When the world became scared, it lashed out against Jesus. In our journey to Jerusalem, changes and the unknown can

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