Me! Me! Me!

“Me! Me! Me!”
James & John wanted Jesus to do for them what they asked.

“Me! Me! Me!”
Like James & John we often want without knowing the consequences.

“Me! Me! Me!”
We want to sit on the lefthand side and the righthand side of Christ.

“Me! Me! Me!”
We see the glory but not the servanthood of Christ’s leadership.

“Me! Me! Me!”
Open our eyes. Make of us humble servants of one another. Amen.

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Motivate Us

Looking at the rainbow she lamented,
“We could use a new covenant along about now…”

We live in hard times. We seem intent on tearing one another down.
We yearn for God to fix what ails us.

What kind of God would allow the world to be so harsh?
Where is God? Where is hope?

[Moment of silence]

We are called to share what you provide with any who has need.
Given resources, motivate us.

We are called to be in loving relationship with our neighbors.
Given hearts, motivate us. 

We are called to listen to our neighbors’ truth and experiences.
Given ears, motivate us.

We are blessed with One to show us the way to live into God’s dream.
Given eyes, motivate us.

Open our hearts, our ears, our eyes in worship this morning.
We open our authentic selves,
choosing to honor our holy covenant with God. Amen.

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Be Still

We are made for more.
More than work, worry, & doing.

We are made for the Sabbath.
To be present with the divine spirit of hope, truth, & love.

Just as the creating One rested,
we too rest.
We too must rejuvenate and reboot. 

Trust enough to let go.
To let go of control,
to let go of anxiety,
and the way of the world.

Be present. Be with. Be still.

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Of One Plant

Emerging from the deep rich soil, humanity reaches toward the sky.
Planted in the earth,
we reach upward toward the One, who creates us in their image.

Rain and sunshine,
nourish us on our journey.
Growing as one vine,
we are many branches
but of one plant.

The breeze blows life,
and the gardener prunes,
that together we might,
bear fruit that glorifies the One.


As one, let us worship.

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A Voice Is Heard in America

A Time of Lament 

A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and wailing.
It’s Rachel crying for her children;
she refuses to be consoled,
because her children are no more. (Jeremiah 31:15 CEB)

A voice is heard in America,
weeping and wailing.
It’s us O Lord crying for our children;
we refuse to be consoled,
because our children are under threat.

Everyday in our nation 4 children are killed by abuse or neglect.
Each one is God’s own.
They are meant for a life of love, laughter, and hope.

Everyday in our nation 7 children or teens commit suicide.
Each one is God’s own.
They are meant for a life of love, laughter, and hope.

Everyday in our nation 8 children or teens are killed with a gun.
Each one is God’s own.
They are meant for a life of love, laughter, and hope.

Keep your voice from crying
and your eyes from weeping,
because your endurance
will be rewarded,
declares the LORD…

There’s hope for your future,
declares the LORD.
Your children will return home! (Jeremiah 31:16-17 CEB)


We are weeping and wailing at the harm that comes to our children.
We are disheartened by the divisions among us that cause us all harm.

Be with us in this hour.
Heal our hearts and show us the way
to provide love, laughter, and hope for
every child and every adult. Amen.

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Darkness. Light.



Hopelessness and temptations.

Worry and anxiety.

Evil in many forms pervades our world.
Darkness disorients.

We light a bulb and it sizzles and fades out.
The light of hope is shattered into many pieces.
Sometimes it seems that darkness has the upper hand.
Light only lasts for a moment before hatred and hurt win.

But you remind us that through Jesus…
Light overcomes evil.

You remind us that through our following of Christ’s ways…
Light brings hope, justice, and love.

You remind us that this is the day that you have made.
Let us be glad and rejoice in it! Amen.

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God of…

God of grief and sadness,
Hear our stories.
Give us hope in the midst of loss. 

God of trauma and despair,
Hear our stories.
Reassure us with your peace. 

God of love and justice,
Hear our stories.
Show us your ways.

God of all times and places,
Meet us here.
Abide with us.
Inspire us and move us to active love. 


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