Litany of Release & Farewell

Litany of Release & Farewell 

We began our journey together on _______ when __________ called __________ to serve as Pastor.

I have been blessed by each of you, by those who are unable to be with us today, and by the warmth of the _______ community. I have grown in your embrace and your challenge. I am grateful for your loving kindness and patience. You are a special people who have allowed me to be myself.

Thank you! Thank your for these four years walking together as God’s people. Please forgive my mistakes and failures. Please forgive the times my dream for you made it hard to perceive God’s dream for us. As I leave, a part of the divinity within you journeys onward with me.

We receive your gratitude with our hearts and minds. We offer forgiveness and accept that you now leave to minister among another people. Thank you for your commitment and love. Please forgive us for our mistakes. A part of the divinity within you remains with us as your faith journey leads you elsewhere.

Thank you for your gratitude. I forgive you as you have forgiven me. I pray that our ministry during these years and in the years to come will further God’s desires for each of us.

Moderator addressing the congregation
Do you, God’s people in this place and time, release Tim from the duties of Pastor?

Trusting in the Holy Spirit, we do.

Do you send your love and prayers with Tim as his ministry begins as _________ of ___________________ in _______________?

With faith in God, we do.

Do you, Tim, release the the Condon UCC and the community from turning to you and depending on you?

Trusting in the Holy Spirit, I do.

Do you promise to pray for this community? Do you offer your encouragement and confidence in their future ministries?

With faith in God, I do.

Prayer together

Divine One,

We thank you for this time we have had as pastor and community, as friends, and lovers of justice and bearers of kindness. As our paths diverge we thank you for your presence in the past and in the years to come both for Tim and for the Condon UCC and community. We each re-commit here today to listen to your still-speaking voice and act and love as you would have us act and love. In the name of Jesus, who breathed in your divinity and breathed out healing, hope, and expansive love, we pray. Amen.  

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We Believe & We Have Doubts

We gather as people on a journey.
We believe & we have doubts,
we do good & we sin.
We are imperfect humans,
and still beloved by God.

Love and grace. Hope and faith.
These are the essence of the one we call God.
We seek forgiveness & grace from
the One and from those we’ve harmed.

Assured of that grace,
we are ready to grow again.
We yearn for a new way,
a new perspective,
and a clear path.

Though we are full of trust
and full of doubt, we are here.
Speak to us, God! Continue creating us!
Inspire our hearts.
Enlighten our minds.
Guide our actions. Amen.            

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Offering Invitation: Eye on the Sparrow

Keep your eye on the sparrow! Keep your focus on God’s unfolding realm on earth. Keep your heart open allowing it to spill all over everyone you meet. If you have a financial offering, place it in the plate but more importantly place your hand over it and silently commit to God to use your gifts, talents, and heart for furthering the unfolding realm of God on earth.

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Spirit of the Ages

Come and worship!
We will praise the One between, within, and over.

Trust in the One who co-creates the was, the now, and the will-be.
Our hope is in the One who creates expansive love calling us to do the same.

Follow the One who never breaks covenant.
We follow the One whose extravagant love calls us to co-create justice for the oppressed, feed the hungry, unlock prisons, and welcome strangers, orphans, and widows.

Praise the One whose justice is grace-full and inclusive.
We praise the Spirit that spans the ages. Amen! 

inspired by Psalm 146:5-10

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A Prayer for Today

Sacred Wholeness:

Inspire our hearts, feet, & hands to be your expansive love in the face of hostility and hatred and fear. Help us to retain your essence of compassion and favor for those on the margins. May we embrace your calling of love and justice in “just such a time as this.” Amen.



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A Prayer for the Snowbound

When the troubles come,
and we struggle just to connect…

When we yearn for movement,
and we are snowed in so deep…

When the simple,
has become a chore…

We rightly cry out to you,
“Enough! Stop it! Why me?”

God of all times,
remind us that spring always follows winter.

Lure us toward hopeful watching.

Point out the helpers
plowing us out from beneath
the drifts of depression.

Redirect our perspective,
revealing the technology that connects:
plows, phones, and computers.

Open our hearts to the expansive love
that struggles beside us in these frigid times.

Melt away the icy harshness within,
that we become conveyors of love and justice
to neighbor and helper, stranger and foe.

Reveal to us the beauty
in the crystal snowflake
that we only saw as hardship. Amen.

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Praise God Whose Love Flows From Generation to Generation

*Call to Worship based on Psalm 146

Praise God with your whole being!
I will praise God as long as I live!

Don’t trust the plans of humanity.
Only God’s expansive love is eternal.

Praise God!
We praise the creator,
the God of Jacob.
The one who straightens the bent,
who loves the hungry and poor.

Praise God!
We are here to praise our God,
who protects the immigrant,
who helps the orphan and widow.

Praise God!
Praise the creator whose love flows from
generation to generation until all is
as God dreams it can be.

Praise God!                                 

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