God of Enough.

The ads online, on TV, and everywhere we look shout: “Buy me! You deserve me! You’re only worthy with me!”
Some days we shout back: Enough!

And other days we let a theology and attitude of scarcity overtake us.
On those days we allow what we have define us, control us, and restrict us.

God provides enough.
God created each of us as enough.
God creates a world of abundance.
But our certainty of scarcity, our idolatry of the shiny, and our fears of others prevent us from gratitude, graciousness, and sharing.

We live in an abundant world.
Our creator makes it so.

Move our hearts, lessen our fears in this hour.
There is enough for all of us.

Praise be to the God of Abundant Love!
Praise to the God of Enough!

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Holy Vulnerability

This is holy ground.
Remove your shoes, bare your soul.
Simply “be” before your God.
The vulnerability frightens us.
We want to cover ourselves.
We want to hide. 

You are worthy.
You are lovable and loved.
You are capable and skilled.
Though we don’t understand how or why,
we want to believe the divine promises.

You are enough.
We want to believe though often do not.

You are enough.
Not quite sure we believe that’s possible, we remove our shoes and open our hearts a crack. 

Approach your God.
We approach shoeless, striving to open ourselves up to the divine possibility. 

May the mystery of wholeness restore and refresh you.

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Despicable is an understatement.

How could a father?
How could a God of Love!!?

How could God? How could Abraham?
Did God? Would God?

Not the God I know.
Definitely not the God of love, justice, & kindness.

Love God with all your heart, mind, being, & strength.
But what about love of neighbor?!

Or love for your own child?!?
No. This is not right. This story makes no sense. It is horrible and…

[short silence]

In this hour may your spirit of love, enlighten us about this repulsive tale.
May we learn and grow in your presence despite and through this uncomfortable story of a father and son. Amen.


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In a World of Tough Choices

We get confused sometimes by the options.
The choices before us can seem equally wrong.

You ask us to do something outlandish, which is your way, but this time…
This time it’s out of character.

You ask us to act,
But it goes against every atom in our body.

You ask us to act,
And it goes against everything we know about you.

Open our minds, our hearts, & our being,
That we have the strength to discern the right path in a world of hurting people and difficult choices. Amen.


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Call to Worship: When God Imagined Me

In the midst of darkness & chaos…
God imagined.

In the fury & darkness…
God imagined a world filled with trees, and blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

In the meadow, God stood and…
imagined foxes, bluebirds, and slithering snakes.

In a world of rainstorms and wildlife and cattle and grasses blowing in the breeze…
God imagined humanity. God imagined the continuum from man to woman. 

In a world teeming with billions of people…
God imagined me. 

God imagined you and God imagined me. We are created in the image of God.
God imagined us all. God loves each of us. 

Let us worship with the same imagination as the creating One!

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Show Us the Way

*Call to Worship & Invocation

We are each worthy of grace and love & mercy when viewed through divine eyes.
We are God’s beloved. 

Sometime we fail to live in harmony with God’s dreams for us.
God has expectations.

Half a millennia before Jesus, our forebears had lost their way. They claimed God “delights in those doing evil.” [Micah 2:17 CEB]
They knew what was expected but chose another way.

Stubbornly, the people failed to give their whole selves to being who they were created to be.
God’s frustrations with the people grew.

So God sent Malachi to prophesy to the people.
God did not mince words.

God was annoyed for God knew humanity’s potential. God sent Malachi to lay out the divine case.
God promised to show the people a path toward being God’s loving kin_dom on Earth.

Let us pray.
Alpha & Omega. Before & To-Come. Send us a prophet, show us the way as you did for our forbears that we might live into your dreams for us. Amen.

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Merciful Love Prevailed

Call to Worship & Invocation

God called Jonah to prophesy to the Ninevites.
And Jonah ran.

From the belly of a great fish, Jonah prayed to God for salvation.
He remained in the fish for three days.

The fish vomited Jonah on the beach.
God called Jonah again.

Jonah warned the Ninevites: Forty days more and you will be destroyed.
The people believed Jonah.

Both the people and animals of Nineveh repented.
And God changed God’s mind.

Merciful love prevailed.
But Jonah was angry.

Let us pray.
Essence of all, we sometimes forget that your loving and merciful justice never changes. In relationship with humanity your love and justice is not about punishment or vindictiveness. Help us to reveal your image within ourselves, that we can forgive the unforgivable, love the unloveable, and strive for your just kingdom on earth in our every moment, in our every decision. Amen.

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